I Am Doing a Side Project

It worked out pretty much perfectly in fact. I was ready to move out of my apartment when the guy showed me this place, which looked really bad although for me it was not so big of a deal to fix it up. At any rate I put a bunch of my things in storage. I got one of those things, a storage container that they bring to you and then store after you fill it up. I have been living in this place and fixing it up for the past three months. Today I installed new plantation shutters and that should tell you that I really have finished things up. Of course I was in no real hurry and I told the guy as much when I began. He gets me to do the work when I had the time and he got to pay me as I went along, in advance.

There was really no way that I would have done it on more generous terms to this guy. He is a nice enough fellow, but he is always operating on a shoestring. He was sure to pay me in due course of time, but that is not going to be something that I was going to go along with. Now the place is starting to look really good and I fixed the place so that it is going to be really easy to maintain the place. I am going to working on it for a week or so, but that is not going to be the end of staying here. I am going to remain here until it is sold, that is part of the deal. I will sleep on my brother’s couch when that happens, the idea is to save the money for a house down payment of my own.