How to Build a Sun Room

How to Build a Sun Room

Sun room in one’s property is like an energy-saving heater and a real oasis. The whole family can also enjoy and relax while relishing the natural light as well as heat. There are some methods to have it integrated one’s home. A do-it-yourself sun room has many items to consider. There are several parts in the want to fill and learn on how to build it.

In creating do-it-yourself sun room, it is advisable to check out other rooms by considering pictures. Try searching online for samples or check out the catalogs of manufacturers. There is immense architectural changeability in designing sun rooms. It is advantageous to penetrate the different designs and structure before carrying out one’s design planned.

One should also continue with the reason on why he’s building a sun room. This room could be a visitor’s area, greenhouse for sun-loving plants or it is actually a rest area.

In order to build a sun room, it is strongly recommended to get the room’s main window facing the solar south— the positioning that makes it possible for plants growing in a season and can produce inert heat on cold months of winter.

A do-it-yourself sun room may not be one of the most energy-saving room created. To counter this, be sure to reap the benefits of its thermal mass. Increase the area’s thermal mass by using concrete, stone or brick floor.

So what do these thermal mass materials do? These conduct and keep heat and cold energy and amazingly discharge the vitality with a living space if needed. The room’s brick/stone floor stores the temperature coming from the sun, thus, the room remains cool regardless of whether it’s hot outside and the temperature is released on sun as a result of warm the space.

The best thermal mass material is water. Water plants like water hydrangea, lily can be added inside the room by putting them in large barrels.

A do-it-yourself sun room is often built-in a chunk foundation the house. Buying treated wood is essential. A popular option is to have aluminum for building sun rooms. Each piece of wood should be painted or stained.

For a much better room, add durable double-glazed windows which provide absolute insulation and reduce glare. When buying the double-glazed windows, ask the U-value before buying them. It is the U-value that determines the volume of heat conducted by the glass window. A lower U-value window constitutes a room more energy efficient.

Also don’t forget to work with the aesthetics of one’s sun room. It should also look nice within the eyes of onlookers. It should add beauty to one’s house and backyard. Make sure that it’s beautiful thoroughly.