Luxurious Estate Homes: Ideal Choices for Empty Nesters

Luxurious Estate Homes: Ideal Choices for Empty Nesters

With the kids finally out of the house, empty nesters find themselves facing an exciting new chapter of life. This transition provides the perfect opportunity to downsize from that once-cramped family home into a lavish new living situation tailored exclusively to your current needs and desires. The people at Jamestown Estate Homes say that for those seeking the ultimate in residential indulgence, estate homes present an unparalleled option to revel in life’s greatest luxuries.

Sprawling Personal Retreats

Empty nesters usually prioritize main level living and shared spaces, but estate homes offer abundant residential oases with countless personal retreats. Free from the need for kid-friendly spaces, these opulent properties enable you to invest in large sanctuaries exclusively designed for your passions.

Resort-Style Amenities

Life as an empty nester should feel like a permanent vacation. Luckily, estate homes deliver on-site pleasures typically found only at elite destination resorts. Expansive backyard paradises become your personal playground, hosting amenities like sparkling pools with water slides and swim-up bars, sunken fire pits, poolside cabanas and tennis courts. Inside, unwind in private home theaters, game rooms, rooftop terraces, and wine tasting rooms with walk-in cellars and tasting bars.

Coveted Privacy 

While friends are downsizing to small homes on crowded neighborhood streets, estate owners revel in utmost privacy, discretion, and security on vast acreage properties in prestigious enclaves. Long driveways, stately gated entrances, and vast distances from neighboring homes provide peaceful sanctuaries miles away from prying eyes. Not to mention the added comfort of advanced surveillance and …

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How to Find the Water Supply Line to the House

How to Find the Water Supply Line to the House

Identifying the water supply line to your home may not seem urgent—until a pipe burst. Knowing the location of this pivotal component is essential for quick shutoffs, mitigating potential water damage, and ensuring timely repairs. 

This guide demystifies the process, offering clear, step-by-step instructions to find your home’s water lifeline, a crucial piece of plumbing knowledge for any homeowner.

Where to Check for Water Supply Line

A steady supply of water is necessary for daily living in homes, but problems with the water supply line can cause this vital convenience to be disrupted. Early detection of possible issues is essential to avoiding property damage, waste of water, and rising repair expenses. 

We’ll go over the main areas to look for problems with the water supply line below.

Basement or Crawlspace

In homes with basements or crawlspaces, these are the first places you should investigate. Typically, the main water supply line will be on the front wall—look for a larger pipe, often made of copper, steel, or sometimes PVC, with a handle or knob. This is your shut-off valve. Its appearance can vary: older homes may have a circular handle, while newer ones might feature a ball valve with a lever.


The garage is another common point of entry for the main water supply, especially in homes that lack a basement. It’s often located near the ground, at eye level or below, and might have insulation wrapped around it for protection against freezing. The valve may be within a utility …

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How to Remove Common Stains from Microfibre Couches

How to Remove Common Stains from Microfibre Couches

Whenever you look for new upholstery, the first thing you pay attention to is its appearance and how it will fit the living room’s design. However, there are other factors to consider as well.

Microfibre couches, for instance, have earned widespread popularity among homeowners due to their enticing combination of comfort, durability, and stylish aesthetics. However, like any upholstery material, they are susceptible to stains and spills.

The reassuring news is that cleaning microfibre is a relatively straightforward task when you possess the right knowledge and techniques. To safeguard the pristine condition of your microfibre couch and maximise its longevity, we will delve into the art of cleaning it both safely and effectively. 

What is microfibre

So, what exactly is microfibre? Well, microfibre is a synthetic fabric made of finely woven fibres that are smaller than a strand of silk. These exceptionally fine fibres come together to form a sumptuously soft and plush texture, elevating your living area’s comfort and style.

Not only that, but microfibre also possesses outstanding durability to the wear and tear of everyday use. In other words, furniture made with microfibre is the preferred choice for any household thanks to its long-lasting quality, ensuring your furniture maintains its beauty and functionality for years to come. 

General stain removal tips

Before we delve into specific stain removal methods, let’s go over some general tips that apply to cleaning microfibre couches and chairs:

  • Take action – stain removal is easier when you address it right away.
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9 Top Tips for Moving to London with Children

9 Top Tips for Moving to London with Children

Moving to a new city, especially one as big as London, is challenging. This is especially true for people looking to move there with children, as there are too many things you must consider to ensure the best life for you and your family.

From comparing prices to balancing between school for your children and your work, all while facing the threat of the unknown, it can easily overwhelm you.

Luckily, there is plenty of information on narrowing your search and focusing on what is essential to make this seemingly impossible task into an easy and rewarding activity.

Research family-friendly neighbourhoods

Before you even consider moving to London, you need to get familiar with the neighbourhoods and what they offer.

The capital is full of opportunities and has everything to offer. The options are endless, from vast green spaces and riverside settings to the busy London life.

Some of the neighbourhoods that you may want to look into when searching for your new home are:

  • Richmond;
  • Dulwich;
  • Greenwich;
  • Wandsworth;
  • Barnes;
  • Hampstead;
  • Chiswick.

Each, with its unique architecture and family-friendly amenities, is perfect for your new home. But these are only a few examples of the prominent London possibilities.

Look into the local schools

Once you have decided on a neighbourhood or have a few of them in mind, it is time to look into where your children will spend a large part of their days.

To narrow your search, deciding whether you would like your children to visit a state …

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PHILIPPE as a Telling Example of Bellavista’s Mindset towards Product Design

PHILIPPE as a Telling Example of Bellavista’s Mindset towards Product Design

Every producer of high-end goods, be it cell phones, footwear, clothes or furniture, has to be aware of such phenomenon as ‘fashion dictate’. Trends of fashion come and go really quickly: what seems modish today, may look old-fashioned in a year and ridiculously outdated in a couple of years. So, many brands adopt the approach that could be called ‘follow the trends or die’. They strive to notice tendencies as soon as they emerge and make the most of them before they go.

Bellavista Collection, a dozen-year-old brand, whose Italian luxury furniture is known all over the globe, prefers not to. It exercises quite the opposite approach to product design: this brand focuses on timeless beauty and high quality. This tactic has proved to be successful for the brand and perfect for its customers. That is why, it’s quite natural for Bellavista Collection to have bestsellers that are about a decade old.

A Decade-Old Best Seller

Here is just one of the best-selling pieces, which first turned heads at the 2012 edition of the Salone Internazionale del Mobile – the biggest and the most influential trade event in the industry, held annually in Milan.

PHILIPPE sideboard impressed visitors so much that a few years later, two more versions of PHILIPPE were designed. Named PHILIPPE LEATHER and PHILIPPE METAL, they have doors, drawer fronts, and sides clad in leather and metal respectively. All three models quickly became bestsellers and still are extremely popular with Bellavista’s customers.

If you open the detailed …

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