9 Top Tips for Moving to London with Children

9 Top Tips for Moving to London with Children

Moving to a new city, especially one as big as London, is challenging. This is especially true for people looking to move there with children, as there are too many things you must consider to ensure the best life for you and your family.

From comparing prices to balancing between school for your children and your work, all while facing the threat of the unknown, it can easily overwhelm you.

Luckily, there is plenty of information on narrowing your search and focusing on what is essential to make this seemingly impossible task into an easy and rewarding activity.

Research family-friendly neighbourhoods

Before you even consider moving to London, you need to get familiar with the neighbourhoods and what they offer.

The capital is full of opportunities and has everything to offer. The options are endless, from vast green spaces and riverside settings to the busy London life.

Some of the neighbourhoods that you may want to look into when searching for your new home are:

  • Richmond;
  • Dulwich;
  • Greenwich;
  • Wandsworth;
  • Barnes;
  • Hampstead;
  • Chiswick.

Each, with its unique architecture and family-friendly amenities, is perfect for your new home. But these are only a few examples of the prominent London possibilities.

Look into the local schools

Once you have decided on a neighbourhood or have a few of them in mind, it is time to look into where your children will spend a large part of their days.

To narrow your search, deciding whether you would like your children to visit a state or independent school is a good idea. Different schools have different periods when you can apply, so you should be moving to London and getting your new address based on that.

So why is deciding on the school comes before finding a home?

Acceptance is not always guaranteed if you have opted for a private school.

In addition, you can apply to as many schools as you like, so your children may be accepted in more than one school, and you will have to decide where you want to live based on that.

Even if your new home is far from the school, you want to ensure that there is convenient public transport for easy access.

If you have chosen a state school, however, you would first need to find your new home, get your London address and then enrol.

Are you unsure whether to opt for a private or state school? Apply for both! If nothing is set in stone yet, the easiest solution is to apply in both types of schools and then decide based on the responses you receive from the schools.

Find a suitable family home

Now that you have received a response from the school, you know what you are looking for. You can use this information to contact local estate agents for the neighbourhoods you have highlighted and start searching for your dream home based on your preference.

This will not only narrow down the list of properties you will have to view but also set clear expectations in terms of rent.

Remember that the market is very reactive, so you should make as many viewings per day, compare prices and decide rather fast, as you may miss the ideal opportunity.

With that being said, do not be too hasty to jump into the first property you see and always ensure you have at least some data for comparison.

Organise your family move to London

Now that you have decided on a school and your new home, it is time to begin moving house.

Let your children help

Parents often view the moving out process as work and are hesitant to involve their children in the process. While there is a certain risk of them getting hurt or just being in the way, you can easily avoid that by delegating easy tasks.

Do not be afraid to involve your children. Ask them to go through their old clothes and toys and help you declutter. 

Let them sort out anything they do not want or need anymore. By being part of the moving process, your kids will feel like part of the process and won’t feel as anxious about the move.

Stick to routines

You should not change your entire life around the move. 

By giving yourself enough time to organise it, you can stick to your daily routines. This will allow you and your family to continue focusing on your daily tasks and release some of the stress usually associated with moving house.

Pack your children’s bedroom last and unpack it first

When packing for your new home, it is understandable that you lose the comfort of your home as more and more things go into boxes.

While this may not affect you much, it certainly takes its toll on your children. They do not understand the necessity of doing certain things as you do, so trying to keep their comfort as long as possible is essential.

Once you have packed all the other rooms, focus on your children’s bedroom last and do your best to set it up in your new home as soon as possible. Feeling comfortable in their safe space will help them get used to their new home much easier.

Explore the area with your children

Even before you move, if you have the opportunity, visit the area of your new home with your children. Let them get used to the environment while highlighting landmarks and buildings they can use to navigate their way back home.

Take the time to visit bus and railway stations and get familiar with the way back home.

Explore the neighbourhood and point to areas your children should avoid, such as high traffic or where they can easily get lost.

Hire a family-friendly local moving company

Trusting a local removals company will provide you with more time to look for your perfect home and the opportunity to spend more time in the new area with your children.

When deciding who to trust with your business, consider a family-friendly house removals company. What sets them apart from similar businesses is that they understand the importance of moving with your family.

Always go through reviews and testimonials to understand if the company of your choice is experienced and reliable in handling removals services. 

Especially when it comes to moving with your children, you will be looking for a friendly staff that will accommodate and understand your and your family’s needs.

Opting for house removals services that offer adequate insurance coverage for your belongings during the move is crucial.


Moving house is exciting and often marks the beginning of a new stage in one’s life, but it is never easy.

Taking the time to find out precisely what you are looking for and how you imagine your new home and life can help you make a better and more informed choice.

Selecting the best neighbourhood based on your needs is vital, so research properly.