Getting Your Yard Ready for Spring

The winter tends to give homeowners a break from traditional lawn and garden chores like mowing the lawn and plucking weeds. However, as the winter comes to an end, the warm weather is on the horizon. Since your lawn and garden act as an extension of your home during the spring and summer, it’s probably a good idea to get things in order so you can enjoy it all season long. Below are a few tips to get prepared.

Clean Up

The first thing you’ll want to do is clean up your yard. There is a high possibility that there is wreckage from down tree limbs or debris that has blown into the yard that needs to be removed. Be sure to check thoroughly for things like broken bottles and sharp objects that could potentially hurt you or your family if you’re playing or lounging around outside.

Another thing that may need cleaning in your yard is the lawn furniture. Whether you placed it in a shed or left it out all winter, it may need to be hosed down and left to dry to get rid of dust, spider webs, and anything else that could be lurking in it.

Repair Any Damage

Now is the perfect time to get your hands dirty a bit (or contact a professional if you’re not too handy) and repair any damage that the winter may have caused to your lawn. This might include repairing any splintered or rotted wood on your deck or patio, tightening banisters and railings to stairs, fixing holes in screen windows and doors, and whatever other damage you see.

Get Rid of Weeds

Though your lawn is likely still short and brown from being packed down by snow and frozen from cool temperatures, if you have flowers, shrubs, or other foliage in your yard, you’ll want to see to it that you remove any unwanted weeds before they start to grow in thick and strong.

Consider Upgrades

Now that you’ve got a clean, safe yard, you’re ready to think about aesthetics. You may want to consider upgrades that can help you enjoy your outdoor living space even more. This might include adding lights so you can stay out well after the sun goes down. There are service providers like Lawn Systems Inc, that do landscape lighting design st louis mo and other service areas. Not only does it allow you to enjoy your yard whenever you’d like, it also increases home security. Other upgrades might include adding a pool, patio, or deck.

You’ve covered cleanliness, you’ve taken care of the pesky weeds, you’ve removed all safety hazards, and you’ve added a few new features to make the space more enjoyable. Once you’ve completed this list of landscaping tasks, it would be safe to say that you’re ready for the arrival of spring.